Arsenic Photoblog 1

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  1. Arsenic is done – I am satisfied. I was happy with the script, knew it had the elements to make engrossing theatre. We put in a lot of effort into the production, audio and rehearsals. We engaged in a planned FB marketing to spread the word. It all came together on the night…. but not before Lady Fate showed her hand which is far more powerful than anything we can do. Agnes came down with viral gastro on the day of the show. The scheduled start was 6:30pm and we did not know she would be able to get on stage till around 5:00pm. Thankfully Lady Luck smiled on us – hats off to Richa for being so brave and hats off to the Arsenic team for rallying around and not panicking. We started at 8:30 after swapping the order of plays for the night. Once the footlights went on everyone just stepped into their roles and the audience was transported back in time to Maryanne Cottage, relieving the life and times of Agnes Crawford in Arsenic. From a writer directors perspective – even if Arsenic is never ever acted on stage again I will know that we did it once and we did it right.


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