The Tower

She built a wall to keep out the shadows
The goblins the wolves and the thieves.
The wall was high the wall was strong
She built it brick by brick.
She wouldn’t let them hurt again
Hurt her in the deepest spot,
She has seen the ways of men
They wait for you to drop.
Sometimes on a moonlit night,
When her mood is cold and bright
She rode out on the black Audi
With hibeam on her lights.
Hair streaming in the wind
Stilletoes glistening steel,
Vermin on the highway crushed under her wheel.
She might play with you that night
If your time was right,
She’d waste you with a single smile
You’d die without a fight.
But sometimes on those quiet still nights
When the wind had gone to sleep,
The tower lamp is burning low
She’d begin to weep.
Weep for fools on the other side
They reap what they sow.



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