While u sleep

They hold her down at night.

Pins her to the hot bed she cant move.

Did i do all i could..u did my heart.

She wakes up.

Those now gone they watch with kind eyes.

Go back to sleep.

Its still night, we will watch over you.




5 Comments Add yours

  1. parthamoulik62 says:

    Great lines …thought provoking lines..need to have more from you…


    1. Nice to see you back my friend. Your comments are also food for thought.


  2. parthamoulik62 says:

    Your comeback is always welcome. A shift from short stories to verses. Frozen melody. Lines now sound more tender and passionate. Keep up the good work…Cheers 🍻


    1. tui chara keu pore bole mone hoy na…haha..thats ok… ekjon porleo bhalo.


  3. parthamoulik62 says:

    Na poruk gie kichu Jae Ashe na…
    I remember..back in schooldays. a few select articles themed around Richard’s doom culminating in his tragic end in a dungeon..
    hung from classroom wall for a month as inspiring exhibits for decent English..( Sir Alappat’s idea of course) . I read over and over again the one written by you.😊

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