Director Rani

Its late in the evening

The boys all sent home

Her desk lamp is burning

Shes working alone

The screen on her laptop

A glowing  matrix

She crunches the numbers

She knows all the tricks.

Its all hustle in the city

No place for fools

If you wanna survive

You’ll need the right tools.

Its mumbai its hustle

All day and all night

U roll with the punches

U just learn to fight

U fight like a tigress

Like a warrior queen

U rule kings and villains

And those in between.

A director rani your weapons are steel

Taking no prisoners you do what you feel

Yet in the twilight

When the city ebbs low

You put down your sword

And look down below.

The peons the coolies

The meek and the slow

The smoke wraiths swirl upwards

They live down below

You know them

You’ve been there

You share their fight

They cheer you on

You carry their light.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. parthamoulik62 says:

    Portrayal is so true in the context of competitive corporate rush..The queen bears the flagship keeping one eye on survival strategies and the others far down who too contribute their bit…nice one 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi partha, thanks for your insight. This was an interesting mix from 2 sources. The first a corporate queen that was in my head. Then the other day I was listening to a bombay rapper called naefzy. He has a song called asli hustle. Check it out u will know what I mean. We are all hustling…keu kom keu beshi.


    1. parthamoulik62 says:

      Agreed. So many wellness centres have mushroomed across the globe. They have a therapeutic effect.They take off work related stress… 😉


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