Kalo Choshma : Synopsis



Fotik Lal Mitra: Late 50’s he is our hero. A battling struggling journeyman. His life is a constant struggle. Nagged by wife, ignored by children, ridicules by friends and terrorised by boss.

Fotik Lal’s Wife Karabi Lata Mitra: Bossy boots socialite she takes great pleasure in showing Fotik who wears the pants in the family. She spoils her children who are arrogant little jerks. She wants desperately to climb above her social status.

Rosy Mitra: Fotiks daughter (Mid 20s) An airhead all she thinks about is the latest fashion styles and filmi gossip. Has an equally obnoxious boyfriend who is exploiting her but she is too stupid to realise it.

Indranil Mitra: Fotiks son (Late teens) School dropout and delinquent. He is doted on by his mum although obviously he is on a slippery slide to teenage burnout. Dabbles in drugs and has an addiction to gambling. Lazy but needs and likes easy money.

Baby Mitra: (Pre Teen) So named by Mrs Karabi Lata Mitra Baby is the baby of the family. She is still undamaged in this dysfunctional family. Loves her dad but is confused and cowed down by her mum and siblings.

Ronny aka Ronobir: (Mid 30s) Rosy’s boyfriend and suitor. He is a good for nothing who plans to live off Rosy’s income or inheritance. Talks grand plans but is basically a conman. Has charmed the women in the house Karabi and Rosy. Fotik hates the man but is helpless against the wishes of wife and daughter.

Office Colleague 1 and 2: (30 -40) They are typical office corporate climbers. Yes men. Sucks up to boss in front and bad mouths behind. Lusts after the secretary. Fotik Lal is the customary butt of their stupid jokes.

Miss Sheila: Office Secretary and all round hotty. She plays all the males in the workplace but may be having a little something going on with the boss. She despises Fotik Lal whom she considers a weak idiot.

Mr Meghraj Verma: (50s) Ooh this is one scary heavy dude. The boss from hell. A big bully. His main job is to terrorize his office staff especially Fotik Lal and flirt shamelessly with Miss Sheila.

Night Club Singers: One male and one female. They need to lip sync to recorded music and dance.

Night Club Guests: 4- 6 people at the night club drinking and dancing. Mixed male female.

Chashma Baba: Any age. Mystery stranger who gives Fotik Lal the Kaalo Chasma and changes his life.

The Loser: In his 30’s he is just like Fotik except younger. Weak and bullied by everyone. He gets the glasses in the end of the play.

The Drunkards (3): These are the losers friends who ditch him. Can double up the night club guests.

Scene 1

A morning in the house shows a hen pecked husband  who is constantly harrassed and stressed with life pressures. The romance has left his life and it is a daily graft. Somehow dodging the insults and barbs from his wife children etc he leaves for his clerical job.

Scene 2

Unfortunately life at the office is no better.  His colleagues pick on him. The sexy secretary ridicules him.His boss is a bully and calls him into his office and gives him a royal grilling. His colleagues decide to get him into more trouble by getting him drunk.  They take him out for a drinking session.

Scene 3

Its a night club. The music is live. The atmosphere is throbbing. Our hero is being plied drinks and getting drunk. He makes a complete idiot of himself. The get kicked out of the nightclub. His friends ditch him under the monument.  A strange man is watching him. He gives him a pair of kaalo chosma. Duniya take ektu onyo bhabe dekhte paabe…The strange man dissapears. Our hero staggers of home. No doubt to more abuse at home waiting for him. .

Scene 4

The next morning starts just like any other. He finds the kaalo chosma in his pocket. He tries it on. His perspective on life changes.  He sees the real motivation  behind every action. Not only that he responds with total truthful inner feeling to every situation.  Wife and kids are flummoxed. When he takes the glasses off he becomes a weakling again. Keeping glasses on and victorious over bossy wife he leaves for office.

Detail of scene:

Starts with Fotik and Wife. Wife is nagging as usual. She wants money for shopping. Her back is paining she cant do any work. Her clothes are not fitting her. They have not been on holiday for ages. etc etc. Fotik is his usual defensive self.  The wife finds the glasses. She queries where they came from. Fotik makes up a story. He found them on the road. Wife gets him to put them on. Fotik undergoes an instant transformation.  He refuses to be the slave in the house. He says he has had enough of the job. He is ready to quit. Go off somewhere and make a new start, or even live a hermit life in Hrishikesh. Why waste precious life in a meaningless ratrace. The wife panics and begs Fotik to reconsider. Her life depends on Fotik finally she realises that. Yet Fotik is unmoved. She starts howling. Hearing this the daughter comes in. She says her boyfriend is coming any moment and what will he think. Fotik questions his daughter and ascertains her true feelings towards him. He tells her that she must be sure that he reciprocates her feelings as well. He agrees to help the boyfriend in his struggling business venture. The boyfriend arrives. Fotik starts questioning him about his business and also gauging his true feelings towards Rosy. He elicits a confession of love from the boy. Fotik tells him he has a plan to help him make his business succesful. Indra enters scene. As usual he expects food on the table and demands service. Fotik curtly tells him that his days of freeloading are numbered and as long as he is in this house he better start earning his keep by helping in household work. Indra is stunned. Fotik asks him about his acting abilities. He gets the boyfriend Ronnie and Indra and makes up a plan to scam the boss Maganraj Verma.

Scene 5

The office is exactly the same. Its groundhog day except this time he has a repartee for every taunt. His colleagues are in awe. The sexy secretary is also bhabachyaka. The boss calls him in to give a grilling..but gets grilled back. Its a total corporate victory. He leaves for home with a jaunty step.

The scam. After a few witty repartees with office colleagues and Ms Sheila and Mr Verma has arrived in the office. The first to arrive is wife and daughter. They complain of insurance scam and non payment of funds. They create a tremendous uproar and threaten to call income tax and police. Apparently they are highly connected. In no time income tax officer has come with police to ensure that the law is not being tampered with in the organization. Its Ronnie and Indra in disguise. They threaten dire consequences. Demand a full audit of books.  Maganraj Verma is panicked. The Marwari client who had come to deposit some unaccounted black money is caught in the middle. He escapes leaving his briefcase and money with Fotik, who agrees to mediate between the income tax officer and Verma. Income tax officer agrees to drop charges on payment of 1 crore. Verma faints. Finally they settle on 50 lacs now and rest in easy installments. The scam artists leave with the loot. Verma has to be taken to the hospital in ambulance. The rest of office is in awe of Fotik.

Scene 6

He is back home. He is used to his new power. A subtle change has come over him. He is becoming bossy and obnoxious.  The family is scared of him. They all go of to sleep except his little girl who always hero worshiped him. She is sad. Why. Because he has changed and she liked her old daddy better.  He was funny and kind. Our hero realizes his true strength is from inside. The daughter goes to bed.  The hero steps out on the street. Its late night. A deja-vu. A group of late night drunks teasing a weakling.  They ditch him and leave. Our hero passes on the kaalo chosma.

They are revelling in their victory. Plans are being made for the future. Daughters marriage. Son in laws business. Overseas holidays etc etc. Everyone is congratulating each other. They are one happy successful family. Fotik is the big boss captain of the ship. His word is law. Every small whim is instantly satisfied by his family.

Little daugter comes in. She cant sleep. Fotik packs everyone off to bed. Little daughter asks if the maths problem is solved.  Fotik struggles to find the answer. Daughter says her bit. Fotik gives away the glasses.



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