Rupkund Pics


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  1. Paroma Bose says:

    Surja you turned into a mighty good photographer. Rupkund pic are great. In case ur wondering g who this is. Well I am Paroma previously Gupta. JU Comparative Literature. It’s been 30 years remember?


    1. Hi Paroma – how wonderful to hear from you. How did u find me? Thanks for your encouragement. My JU memories are absurdly hazy – but I think u were this amazingly attractive girl – I dont think i knew your surname at the time.


  2. Paroma Bose says:

    Great pics


    1. Paroma Bose says:

      I found you cuz I wanted to. Simple. No jokes apart I looked you up on Google. Your writings are wonderful Surja. You almost paint with words. My god talk about hidden talents. And talking about being amazingly attractive u were not bad yourself Surja. You know fond memories die hard. Keep in touch. I’d love that.Bye


      1. Send me a facebook link. Easiest to stay in touch. I am happy u enjoyed reading my stuff.. positive feedback is like a tonic.


  3. Paroma Bose says:

    Keep writing. You make us I mean ur friends proud.will send d link.


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